Nazhia Hemp Conditioner Bars

Nazhia Hemp Conditioner Bars

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Hemp hair conditioner bar increases elasticity and promotes softness giving your hair a silky shine while keeping frizz at bay. The benefits of hemp is widely known, and our revitalizing formula contains a special blend of hemp seed oil and vegetable proteins that bind to the hair and deliver nourishing amino acids. Pair with our Hemp shampoo bar and relish in all the goodness that nature has to offer.


●Hemp seed oil: will prevent water loss and inject moisture into the hair and scalp, also helps to enhance hair growth on the scalp in a number of ways. Among these is through the Omega-3, 6 and 9 fatty acids.

●Bamboo Extract: Bamboo stems are high in silica giving smoothness, shininess, and strength to hair.

●Plant Keratin: improves the strength and elasticity of the hair, as well as the combing ability of wet and dry hair. Hair will be easier to comb, as vegetable keratin reduces frizz and static, making hair look brighter and healthier.

●Cocoa Butter: protects hair from harmful elements such as chlorine and UV rays, making it a must-have for summer days at the pool.


  1. Wet hair and conditioner bar.
  2. Rub conditioner bar directly onto hair focusing on mid-length to ends.
  3. Gently massage the product into hair.
  4. Rinse thoroughly with water.
  5. Repeat if desired or needed to thoroughly condition hair.
  6. Allow bar to dry between uses for best results and a longer-lasting product.