Eco LaundryPod

Eco LaundryPod

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Reduce ♻️ Reuse ♻️ Recycle

We are always adding to our eco line and i’m very excited about these Eco LaundryPods!! Here’s a few of the benefits of switching from plastic jugs, to this ONE pod:

🌿 They are economical: Reusable up to 1,500 times, roughly the equivalent of four years of wash loads and about $1,040.
🌿 Performance ability: Helps preserve the color of your clothes and increase the mixing of laundry in the washing machine for a more efficient wash.
🌿 So easy:  Compatible with all top-load, front-load, and HE washing machines.
🌿 Eco-friendly: In addition to creating zero pollution, we are committed to removing 1 pound of plastic waste for every LaundryPods ordered.
🌳 Use 3  LaundryPods for 12 lbs of dirty clothes, 5  LaundryPods for 20 lbs of dirty clothes.  

Each LaundryPod ball contains 150 bio-ceramic beads that naturally raise the water's pH to the same pH level as detergents. This process creates natural alkaline water that is able to thoroughly remove stains, odors, and bacteria from fabrics, effectively cleaning your clothes. No chemicals or detergent soap also means less wear and tear, and minimal fading. You do something good for the planet, and your clothes look good longer, too.  

Each LaundryPod helps to remove 1 pound of plastic waste from the ocean and help reduce water pollution in your area! Within a short period of time we can make a huge difference to the environment