Anima Mundi - The Mind

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This is our very beloved 100% organic and US grown 7 mushroom superpowder, enhanced with heirloom cacao. All of our mushrooms are grown in WA state and are double extracted (steam extracted, which means free of any binders + extractors!  We use both mycelium and fruiting body as studies show that both parts key and highly medicinal. 

A perfect addition to coffee, tea, smoothies, healthy eats, etc! Our formula is 85% Mushrooms and 15% heirloom organic cacao from Ecuador (Cacao Arriba). 

Product Assets:

  • 100% Organic Mushrooms
  •  Locally grown in Washington State
  • All mushrooms have been tested resulting in 9-11% beta glucan count
  • We use both fruiting body and mycelium for all 7 mushrooms 
  • Cell Wall Extracted (steam extracted, zero fillers or processors!!)