Grand Rising!

What an Astrological Year It has been! After the challenges of global pandemic crisis and impending climate crisis not to mention the ongoing cultural identity crisis in the quest for truth and meaning. WE find ourselves in a world that more than ever needs healing. Last year we witnessed the shadow consciousness rise to the surface in the shape of misguided elements of christainity, exaggerated forms of masculine heroes and historical forms of racism and bigotry all around the world. We had our ethical freedoms questioned with masks and vaccinations bringing to the surface question of personal rights and freedom.

Last year (2020/4) we were building foundations towards the creation we may have planted seeds for in 2019. What seeds did you plant? Perhaps you made a space for your creative ideas. With Covid crisis, vaccines and the world in pandemic it was a time to stay focused and move forward step by step regardless of the outside environment or haters.  While the rest of the world moved sporadically, it was a year of taking stock, gathering and synchronizing ideas and birthing into the world. The end of the year couldn't come quick enough with the thought of a better 2021, promising freedom both internally and externally.


The Numerological Year of 2021 is 5. Five talks about freedom, change and flexibility. In so many ways, there is no return into the world that we once knew. Some plans that you may have had, would have fallen to the waste side laast year making way to a new way of communicating, socialising and being.  How do we find freedom in this new world? The peace and bliss that we seek as spiritual beings as well as peace in our everyday environments.

As we move forward into Aries on the Equinox, you can draw upon the energy of Mars, the God of war to keep your eye on the prize. Mars loves a good challenge and is not willing to be flexible as we take off into the new Astrological year. It is important to aim your arrow of purpose and direction on the place where you find bliss. Before the dawn, is the darkest of night and in this place we can find a deeper view of our soul purpose. Every challenge or block is a lesson towards change and personal growth. A little death before we can be reborn into our greatness and genius. Here we find the ungerminated seeds of our inner life that needs to be cultivated. 

It is important to take heed of what fruit you are planting and sowing this spring (northern hemisphere) or what harvest you are collecting as this fall as the southern hemisphere moves into autumn. Either way, it is a time for reflection. Envisioning the day and night harmonizing by 21st, we can use this planetary time to find balance and peace within ourselves.

Moving quietly to  the centre of yourself, this is a time where dreams can be born or killed. The Ego is loud, holding onto things that perhaps no longer serve. 

What and how do you give back to life? How are you making paths or perhaps obstacles to your greatness?

There are many ways that we can convince ourselves to move forward with plans or life which is negating. Control issues and thoughts of failure are huge barriers to achieving success in most humans' lives. This negative self-critic is like a crux of the Spirit whose lens is tainted by the expectations of the outside world. While an important aspect of the psyche, the Ego in cases of panic can take our minds into failure and self-sabotage. 

It is imperative to take care of your Spiritual Health. This means Self-Love and finding your Joy. Thoughts create things and the way we perceive ourselves will fuel us into genius and divine intelligence or downward spiral. Having witnessed this both personally and with many clients is why I have decided to continue the path of wholeness and healing as a service.

More than ever, we are needing to come together and join in working together to bring about awareness to our brothers and sisters who may be suffering from fear in whatever form. Sharing our experiences, knowledge and wisdom so that we all may be supported in our personal practice. A simple routine that allows you to keep on your path with Spirit beyond dogma or social acceptance.

As you move through the world,  your inmost thoughts will affect the world around you and a vibrational imprint of your essence will call into your world manifestations as you believe it. Part of becoming “awakened” is to be aware of how these belief structures call-in experiences that you do not deserve but form part of a subconscious pattern, generally from a past trauma still held within the body.

Your home is the first place that you should endeavour to keep clear of interference of energies from the outside environment that do not belong to you. Simple strategies like regular cleanses with Sage and other herbs, salts, essential oils, sound and music can shift and change an environment. As well as energy flow practices like Feng shui will assist with clearing the air of bacteria and viruses.

Once you have energetically set up a space at home, you can begin working on clearing your own energy field. Grounding and daily practices are important to ensure that you keep up your connection to Spirit and the path of your heart. 

But what does Grounding mean? 

Grounding is a process that we can use to ensure that we are not moved by the energies that surround us. When we think of grounding in electrical terms, we can say that the device is connected to the earth, physically. This helps the current move floetically through the wires that allow the device power up. Within, spirituality the term comes up when we struggle to focus or clear on what motivates us or strengthens us. You can become ungrounded when you are shaken emotionally. In a sense, the outside environment or trigger disconnects your “current” or flow of life. In this state, it is hard to make decisions and past fears and habits of survival may come up. Awareness of our behaviours and questioning your reactions is a way to stay present to your fear. This is a time of forgiveness and compassion. While taking note, ensure that you are remaining connected to your end goals.

There are many things that have the ability to ground you to stay focused.

Quick ways to become grounded:

  • Take in some quick cleansing breathes, call in medicine/guides/angels
  • Stand with feet on the earth
  • Massage soles of your feet
  • Drink lots of water
  • Have a massage
  • Stamp your feet
  • Exercise/stretch/yoga
  • Breaks in natural light
  • Name items around you out loud
  • Crystals such as hematite etc
  • Eat root veggies
  • Red meat or a glass of red wine
  • Add your own…..

Eckhart Tolle in his book “the power of now” states:

“To stay present in everyday life, it helps to be deeply rooted within yourself; otherwise, the mind, which has incredible momentum, will drag you along like a wild river.”

He is talking about grounding. Without being grounded it is impossible to stay present in the moment even for a second. In being present to our bodies, mind and surroundings we can make conscious decisions away from habit or conditioning. 

Grounding also enables us to raise our frequency as we have a solid anchor to physicality. The more grounded we are, the higher frequencies we can experience within this reality. When you are grounded you gain more control over your intuition. The messages you pick up are clearer and stronger. 

Without Grounding, it is impossible to reach true potential or unique genius. Even the most successful CEO needs to be grounded to be able to bring about their dream into reality. Abundance in its definition needs anchoring into the earth. Grounding is a requirement of alchemy and the magic of attracting your wants, needs and worth as a divine birthright.

Focus and discipline is imperative in this time of change. Speak to Makeda for personal guidance as to how you can find your unique purpose. 

Makeda has many tools to assist you on your spiritual emergence