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Meet KatJaak Moon

Kat Moon is a solution orientated millennial mentor + medicine maker who's mission is to empower, educate & co-create a more sustainable, healthier, happier world. Working with Kat offers you a blueprint to bridge your vision into form with actionable steps.  Her personalized mentorship style provides a direct path for those seeking to attain more clarity, creativity & confidence in all areas. Her empowering teachings + offerings have been used by many to significantly upgrade their lives on all levels. Moon’s multidimensional approach is aimed at helping you understand yourself on profound levels (physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually. If you are ready to break limiting, self sabotaging patterns, deepen self-care, transform & live as an art then she is the right gal for...

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Greetings and Blessings All

What a wonderful time to be alive. Seeding new intentions based on who you are now, new beginnings and coming back to self alignment of own energy, what are you growing into next. This is the start of a new yearly manifestation cycle. The beginning of this new cycle started on the 21st March the spring equinox with the oncoming of the Aries constellation and then Easter a symbolic tradition of death and rebirth.  The story of the biblical Jesus and his resurrection was never about a physical and historical place and events. All the events were metaphors and symbolic of occurrences of our journeys as a soul through life. Easter symbolises the resurrection of the tested and “glorified” soul...

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